About us:

Shimi Pajoohan Co. (P.J.S) was established in 2001 with the investment of the private sector in Ardabil Industrial Town, with the aim of producing carbon adsorbents in Iran.

In 2006, it succeeded in obtaining an exploitation license for the production of various types of activated carbon and different types of industrial catalysts.

Shimi Pajoohan Co. then made every effort to increase the production and development of products using domestic raw materials and competitive prices with foreign products.

Using the scientific, technical and specialized capabilities of the company, Shimi Pajoohan Company was able to develop and expand its activities in the field of production of graphite parts, calcination and activation of anthracite, production of catalysts based on gamma alumina, calcination of petroleum coke (CPC) and production of Metallurgical Coke.

Shimi Pajoohan Co. with its laboratory equipment for measuring technical characteristics, produces its products based on the required standards and consumer approval. And supplies its products to the country’s major industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, sugar and glucose, chemical, drinking water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment.

Shimi Pajoohan Co. is a member of Ardabil Science and Technology Park and also it is a knowledge-based company that seeks to expand and develop production knowledge.