Impregnation activated carbon

Shimi Pajoohan Co. due to the current technical knowledge and its infrastructure, it produces activated carbon by selective saturation and fertility methods.

Activated carbon is saturated and fertilized by chemicals such as acids, bases, metal oxides, mineral salts, organic matter, etc. Saturation takes place in the form of sediment of the fertility factor in the walls of the activated carbon pores.

Whenever a gas or liquid containing an impurity that wants to remove this impurity enters the pore of activated carbon, the impurity reacts with the fertilizing agent in an irreversible reaction, and thus the impurity separates from the fluid flow.

Some of the products manufactured by Shimi Pajoohan Co., for the removal of impurities in liquids and gases, as well as their application in various industries, are as follows.

According to the needs of industries, Shimi Pajoohan Co. has the technical knowledge of saturation and fertility with other chemical agents such as Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum, Silver, Palladium, non-ferrous metals and precious metals.