Oxychlorination catalyst based on Gamma alumina (γ-Al‌‌‌‌2O3)

Shimi Pajoohan Co. for the first time in Iran, a cylindrical catalyst for oxychlorination based on gamma alumina has been produced to take place the oxychlorination reaction. This catalyst is produced by impregnating and fertilizing the gamma alumina with copper and other additives.

Oxychlorination catalyst based on Gamma alumina (γ-Al2O3 after evaluation in laboratory and pilot plant unit, in collaboration with Bandar Imam Petrochemical Process and Research Group in 2016 for the first time in EDC production process of Ethylene dichloride, which is feed of VCM/ PVC production process is loaded and used.

Fortunately, the results were very satisfied and desirable, and with the corrective actions taken, different generations of this catalyst were produced by Shimi Pajoohan Co.. Currently, the second and third generations of this catalyst are continuously used in this petrochemical.

Oxychlorination catalyst produced in Shimi Pajoohan Company is completely similar to the foreign sample and is in the form of a ring with dimensions of 5 * 5 * 2.5 and 7 * 7 * 3.5 mm.